• This is special memorial award to OM Halim Dani Hidayat  YB2TJV/sk who died on 12-December-2020, for his contribution to Amateur Radio activities in Indonesia, especially his contribution to the Indonesian Islands Hunter Group (IIHG) as Logo and Award Designer

2. Rules 

  • This Indonesia Amateur Radio Memorial Award is published for all amateur radio / SWL who has ever communicated / listened with YB2TJV/sk.
  • At least 1 contact with YB2TJV, YC2TJV, YD2TJV or YB2CW while he was active, in any amateur band, any mode, including satellite, repeater, VoIP / RoIP.

3. Procedures

  • QSO confirmation (QSL card or electronic) is not required, you only need to send your log by online.
  • The desire for Band and Mode endorsements, both single and mixed, for example: Mixed bands / Mixed modes, 20m / FT8, AO-91 / UV mode, Echolink etc. must be conveyed in detail, will be written in the award.
  • Upload your data and Log by online [ CLICK HERE ]
  • Applicants can also submit via email to yb3mm (at) or regular mail to Adhi Widodo YB3MM, PO Box 23, Malang 65101 Indonesia
  • DX applicant can request to Steve W2FB using e-mail to w2fb(at)

4. Other

  • Applicant agrees to publish the data about this award on the internet or other social media