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OC-021         YB0-3                        Java (Jawa) Island (Main Island Only)
OC-022         YB9                           Bali Island
OC-034         YB9                          New Guinea (Main Island Only)
OC-070         YB8                           Seram group
OC-075         YB5                           Riau Islands
OC-076         YB8                           Sula Islands
OC-088         YB7                           Borneo (Main Island Only)
OC-106         YB5                          Natuna Besar Islands
OC-107         YB5                          Lingga Islands
OC-108         YB5                          Anambas Islands
OC-109         YB5                          Natuna Selatan Islands
OC-122         YB5                          Tambelan Islands
OC-143         YB4-6                       Sumatra Island (Main Island Only)
OC-144         YB4                          Bangka & Belitung Islands
OC-145         YB8                          Halmahera group
OC-146         YB8                          Celebes Island (Main Island Only)
OC-147         YB9                          Irian Jaya’s Coastal Islands North
OC-148         YB9                          Timor Island (Main Island Only)
OC-150         YB9                          Tenggara Barat Islands
OC-151         YB9                          Tenggara Timur Islands
OC-157         YB8                          Banda Islands
OC-161         YB6                          Nias & Batu Islands
OC-166         YB7                          Kalimantan’s Coastal Islands East
OC-177         YB0                          Seribu Islands
OC-186         YB2                          Karimunjawa Islands
OC-197         YB3                          Bawean Island
OC-204         YB4                          Enggano Island
OC-208         YB8                          Banggai Islands
OC-209         YB8                          Talaud Islands
OC-210         YB8                          Sangihe Islands
OC-213         YB8                          Togian Islands
OC-215         YB5                          Mentawai Islands
OC-217         YB3                          Kangean Islands
OC-219         YB8                          Tukangbesi Islands
OC-221         YB8                          Kai Islands
OC-222         YB8                          Obi Islands
OC-224         YB8                          Tanimbar Islands
OC-236         YB8                          Celebes’s Coastal Islands
OC-237         YB0-3                       Java’s Coastal Islands
OC-239         YB9                          Irian Jaya’s Coastal Islands West
OC-241         YB9                          Timor Barat’s Coastal Islands
OC-242         YB8                          Bonerate & Taka’ Bonerate Islands
OC-245         YB5, 6                      Sumatra’s Coastal Islands North
OC-246         YB8                          Leti & Sermata Islands
OC-247         YB8                          Sabalana & Tengah Islands
OC-249         YB8                          Aru Islands
OC-250         YB3                          Masalembu Islands
OC-252         YB7                          Kalimantan’s Coastal Islands West
OC-262         YB4, 5                      Sumatra’s Coastal Islands South
OC-268         YB7                          Laut Kecil Islands
OC-269         YB7                          Karimata Islands
OC-270         YB6                          Simeulue and Banyak Islands
OC-271         YB8                          Babar Islands
OC-272         YB8                          Barat Daya Islands
OC-273         YB8                          Gorong and Watubela Islands
OC-274         YB8                          Lucipara and Penyu Islands
OC-275         YB9                          Irian Jaya’s Coastal Islands South
OC-276         YB9                          Mapia Islands
OC-295         YB7                          Sebatik Island

Indonesia is the richest country in the Ancient Era
Past Indonesia is very rich. This is evidenced by information from various ancient sources. This time we will discuss the wealth of each island in Indonesia. The islands that we mentioned would be seven major parts of Sumatra, Java, small Sunda Islands, Borneo, Sulawesi, Maluku Islands, and Papua.
Sumatra – Golden Island
In various inscriptions, the island of Sumatra, called by the Sanskrit name: Suwarnadwipa (“golden island”) or Suwarnabhumi (“land of gold”). These names have been used in Indian texts before Christ. Also known as the island of Sumatra Andalas.At the time of the 18th Dynasty Pharaoh in Egypt (around 1.567SM-1.339SM), on the west coast of Sumatra island has no bustling port, with the name of Barus. Barus (Lobu Tua – Tapanuli) is estimated to have been around 3000 years before Christ. Barus is known as the place of origin of mothballs. Turns camphor or camphor is used as a preservative one mummy of ancient Egyptian pharaohs.

In addition Barus, Sumatra there are also other ancient kingdoms. A source tells the Ancient Jewish manuscripts bekalan gold to build state of the Kingdom of Prophet Solomon was taken from an ancient kingdom in the Far East called Ophir. Possibility of Ophir is in West Sumatra. There is a mountain in West Sumatra Ophir. Companions Mount Ophir (also known as G. Talamau) is one of the highest mountain in West Sumatra, which is located in the area Pasaman. Reportedly gold areas in Sumatra are the largest in the kingdom of Minangkabau. According to ancient sources, in that kingdom there are high mountains and containing gold. It is said that the kingdom of Minangkabau center located in the middle of digging gold. Gold-gold is then exported from the port number, such as Kampar, Indragiri, Pariaman, Rat, Barus, and Pedir. On the island of Sumatra, also stands Srivijaya Empire which later evolved into the first major kingdom in the archipelago that has influence to the north of Thailand and Cambodia, to the Moluccas in eastern.

Now the mineral wealth of the island of Sumatra, which contained many mined. Many types of minerals contained in Sumatra than gold. Sumatra has a variety of minerals, such as coal, gold, and lead. It is not possible actual materials such as gold mining and many others yet to be discovered on the island of Sumatra. Some people believe actually contains a lot of gold Sumatra apart from what is found now. If it is true then it will be known as the Island of Sumatra island gold back.

Java – Rice Island

Formerly known as Java Yavadvipa. Yavadvipa derived from Sanskrit which means “Island Rice” and called in the Hindu epic Ramayana. The epic says “Yavadvipa, decorated seven kingdoms, Island Gold and silver, with a rich gold mine”, as one of the most remote parts of the earth. Greek geographer, Ptolemy also wrote about the “land of Gold” and “Silver land” and the islands, including the island “” Iabadiu “which means” Island Rice “.Ptolemy mentions in the west end Iabadiou (Yavadvipa) located Argyre (kotaperak). Silver City was most likely an ancient Sundanese kingdom, Salakanagara located in western Java. Salakanagara in the history of Sunda (Wangsakerta) also called Rajatapura. Salaka silver while nagara interpreted with the city, so Salakanagara many interpreted as a silver town.

In Java, this is also a great stand Majapahit empire. Majapahit kingdom was recorded as the largest in the archipelago who managed to unite the archipelago covering Sumatra, the Malay peninsula, Borneo, Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara islands, Maluku, Papua, and some islands of the Philippines. In Wang Ta-yuan notes, commodity exports at the time is Java pepper, salt, cloth, and a parrot. Its currency is made of a mixture of silver, tin, lead, and copper. In addition, note monks visit Rome in 1321, Odorico da Pordenone, said that the palace of the King of Java is full of gold jewelry, silver, and gems.

According to many experts, is the world’s most fertile island of Java. This makes sense, because the concentration of Java has a very high volcano. Many active volcanoes on the island of Java. The mountain is what causes the soil is very fertile island of Java with nutrition needed by plants.

Raffles author of The History of Java was amazed at the natural fertility of Java that has no rival in any hemisphere. “If all the land that is used,” he wrote, “there can be no region in the world that can match the quantity, quality, and variety of plants that produced this island.”

Java is now supplying 53 percent of Indonesia’s food needs. Rice farming is widely available in Java because it has extraordinary fertility. Java is said to be Indonesia’s rice granary. Java is also famous for its coffee called Java coffee. Rainfall and soil acidity in Java is very fitting for the cultivation of coffee. Much better than coffee Latin America or Africa.

Other food agricultural products such as vegetables and fruits are also benyak in Java, such as peanuts, green beans, leeks, onions, potatoes, cabbage, turnips, cabbage, beans, carrots, green beans, spinach, cucumber, peppers, eggplant, squash, beans, tomatoes, avocado, citrus, durian, Duku, guava, rose apple, guava bol, pineapple, mango, papaya, banana, brown, bark, apples, grapes, and rambutan. Even in Java are now trying to plant wheat and palm trees. It is not possible if the land on the island of Java and processed optimally used for agriculture it can be very rich Java only from agricultural products.

Small Sunda Islands (Bali, NTB and NTT) – Holidays Islands

Ptolemaeus mentions, there are three named Sunda islands located to the east of India. Based on that information then the scientists using the European earth Sundanese word to name the region and some islands in eastern India. A number of islands are then formed in the Sunda plains are named using the term anyway Sunda Sunda Islands and the Lesser Sunda Islands Great. Great Sunda Islands is the set consisting of the island of Sumatra, Java, Madura and Kalimantan. While the Lesser Sunda islands is Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores, Sumba, and Timor.

This small area of ​​the Lesser Sunda Islands known as a tourist area for its natural beauty is stunning. Has always been there who traveled to this area. Rsi Markandiya trip around the 8th century from Java to Bali, has made travel with keagaman missions. Similarly Kuturan professor who developed the concept of Tri Sakti in Bali came around the 11th century. In 1920 tourists from Europe began to come to Bali. Bali in Europe is also known as the Island of God.

In another place in the Lesser Sunda Islands precisely in the area of ​​West Nusa Tenggara known from the results of livestock such as horses, cattle, and buffalo. Nusa southeast horses already known to the world since hundreds of years ago. Century 13 M West Nusa Tenggara have sent horses to the island of Java. West Nusa Tenggara is also known as a place of tourism kings. The kings of the royal Balinese Narmada build in 1727 AD in the island of Lombok to relieve fatigue moment of routines in the kingdom.

Lesser Sunda region is no less rich is the East Nusa Tenggara, because in this area there is a very precious sandalwood. Sandalwood is a native plant that grows in the Indonesian province of East Nusa Tenggara. friend sandalwood from East Nusa Tenggara have been trading since the early centuries AD. Since the early centuries AD, many traders from the western part of Indonesia and China sailed to various producing areas in East Nusa Tenggara sandalwood especially the island of Sumba and Timor Island. Solomon is said to make use of sandalwood pillars in the temple of Solomon, and for musical instruments. Solomon’s import timber from distant places are likely sandalwood comes from the East.

Now the small Sunda Islands is a famous tourist spot in the world. Bali is a beautiful island in the world. Lombok is also one of the most beautiful places in the world. Meanwhile in East Nusa southeast are populated island is the only ancient animal in the world that is still alive is dragons. Small Sunda Islands is a mysterious place and very charming. Islands can get a lot of wealth for guests from all over the world if managed optimally.

Borneo – Island Lumbung Energy

But the name of the third largest island in the world is Warunadwipa which means God of the Sea Island. Kalimantan in the news China (T’ai p’ing huan yu chi) is called the Chin shih li p’i. Nusa Kencana “is called the island of Borneo in the ancient Javanese manuscripts. Hujung Island man called Tanah Melayu (P’ulo Chung). Borneo is the name used by the British and Dutch colonial.

In ancient times the foreign merchants came to the island looking for commodities such as natural camphor, candles and bird nest to barter with the high-value ceramic urn in the Dayak community. The Indian and Malay immigrants entering estuaries to look for land cultivation and managed to find the gold and diamond mines in this island.

In Kalimantan, Kutai kingdom stands. Kutai Martadipura is patterned oldest Hindu kingdom in the archipelago. Kutai name has been mentioned since the 4th century (four) in the Indian news Kutai expressly mention the name “Quetaire” as well as the Chinese news on abat to 9 (nine) called Kutai as “Kho They” meaning kingdom large. And in the 13th century (thirteen) in ancient literature Kertagama State Book compiled by Professor prapanca written by the term “Alas Kute”. Kutai past civilization that is the initial milestone era in Indonesian history.

Now the island of Borneo is one of the barns natural resources in Indonesia have some resources that can be used as an energy source, such as coal, oil, gas and geothermal. Kalimantan forests containing peat can be used as an energy source for electricity generation and heating instead of coal. Remarkable turns Kalimantan has many uranium reserves that could be used for nuclear power plants. Besides, Kalimantan also has another potential that is as a provider of botanical or renewable energy sources. Botanical source of energy or bioenergy is from CPO palm. Memangsangat rich island of Borneo.

Sulawesi – Iron Island

Arabs refer to Sulawesi as Sholibis. The Dutch called this island by the name of Celebes. The island has been inhabited by humans since 30,000 years ago as evidenced by the presence of ancient relics on the island. For example the location of prehistoric stone age Besoa Valley.Sulawesi name supposedly comes from the word ‘Sula’ meaning island and ‘iron’. Sulawesi island since the first was producing bessi (iron), so it is not surprising Ussu and around Lake Matana containing iron and Nikkel. In Sulawesi kingdom once stood Luwu which is one of the oldest kingdoms in Sulawesi. Luwu an iron-producing region. Bessi Luwu or Luwu weapon (dagger or kawali) is very well known for its efficacy, not only in Sulawesi Sulawesi but also outside. In the history of Majapahit, the area is a tributary kingdom Luwu, besides known as a major supplier of iron to Majapahit, Maluku and others. According to records, since the XIV century Luwu has been known as the melting point of iron.

On the island of Sulawesi has also been established Kingdom of Gowa Tallo ever topped the glory that emanated from Sombaopu, the capital of the Kingdom of Gowa east up to straits Dobo, north up to Sulu, to the west up to the Kutai and south through the Lesser Sunda, outside of the island Bali up to Marege (northern Australia). It shows broad powers covering more than two thirds of the Archipelago.

During prosperous times will spice trade in the 15th century to 19, Sulawesi, Maluku islands as a gateway, an island rich in spices. Great kingdoms such as Makassar and Bone as mentioned in the history of eastern Indonesia, has played an important role. In the 14th century AD, the Sulawesi was able to make a boat to explore the world. Phinisi boat made Bugis society at that time was able to sail to Madagascar in Africa, a journey across the ocean which requires great determination and outstanding courage. This proves that the Bugis have an amazing ability to make a boat, and has a nautical spirit high. At the same time Vasco da Gama just starting his first exploration in 1497 in search of spices, and discover new continents in the east, who previously pioneered Marco Polo.

Until now Sulawesi is rich in mineral deposits include iron, copper, gold, silver, nickel, titanium, manganese cement, iron sand / black, sulfur, kaolin and mineral C such as sand, stone, gravel and trass. If it is managed well for the prosperity of the people of the whole people became richer Sulawesi.

Moluccas – the Spice Islands

Maluku has the original name “Jazirah al-Mulk” which means a collection / royal peninsula consisting of small kingdoms. Maluku is known as the Thousand Island region and socio-cultural diversity and abundant natural resources. The Dutch called it ‘the three golden from the east’ (three gold from the east) that Ternate, Banda and Ambon. Before the arrival of the Dutch, Portuguese writer and physician, Tome Pirez wrote the book ‘Summa Oriental’ which has been described on Ternate, Ambon and Banda as ‘the spices island’.

In the past Maluku region known as the producer of spices like cloves and nutmeg. Cloves are the ancient spice that has been known and used for thousands of years BC. The tree itself is native to the Moluccas (Ternate and Tidore), formerly known by the explorers as the Spice Islands.

At 4000 years ago in the kingdom of Egypt, Pharaoh 12th dynasty, Sesoteris III. Through the data on transaction Egyptian archaeologists in importing incense, ebony, incense, ivory, from a mysterious land where “Punt” is derived. Although archaeological support is lacking, the country “Punt” can be identified after Giorgio Buccellati find a container that contains objects such as clove in the middle Euphrates. In the period 1700 BC, the cloves are just the Moluccas, Indonesia. In medieval times (around 1600 AD) clove spice once one of the most popular and expensive in Europe, exceeding the price of gold.

In addition to cloves, spices from the Moluccas is the fruit Pala. Fruit Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans) tree is a plant form that originated from the Banda Islands, Maluku. Due to the high value as a spice, fruit and nutmeg trade has become an important commodity in the Roman period. Looking at the high price of spices that time many Europeans then look for the spice islands. true friend who searched Christopher Columbus to the west is the road to the Maluku Islands, ‘The Island of Spices’ (Spice Islands), although in the end he just found a new continent called America. Spices are one of the reasons why the Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama reached India and the Moluccas. Maluku actually now be returned victorious with his produce if kept well developed. Maluku get rich with crops and sea.

Papua – Paradise Island

Papua is the second largest island in the world. At around the year 200 AD, Geography expert named Ptolamy LABADIOS call it by name. At the end of the year 500 AD, the Chinese author Yu Ghau named Kua TUNGKI name, and by the end of the year 600 AD, the kingdom of Srivijaya Papua name by using the name JANGGI. Tidore give a name to this island and its people as PAPA-UA that has changed the designation to be PAPUA. In 1545, Inigo Ortiz de Guinee Retes NUEVA name and there are other sailors who named ISLA DEL ORO which means the Island of Gold. Robin Osborne in his book, Indonesias Secret War: The Guerilla Struggle in Irian Jaya (1985), Indonesia’s easternmost province dubbed as paradise lost.It is not known whether the BC ancient civilizations in Papua has been there kingdom. It could be that there has been an ancient advanced civilization in Papua. At a conference on road and traffic lights in 1963 in Pretoria (South Africa), CS Downey argued about an isolated settlement in the middle of dense forest Wilhelmina Mountains (Peg. Trikora) in the Western New Guinea (Papua) which have advanced lighting system. The merchants who with great difficulty succeeded in penetrating into this settlement to tell horror illumination light very brightly lit than a few months at the poles there. The light bulbs seem strangely shining as the sun began to set and continue to burn throughout the night every day. We do not know the truth of this story but if true it is a remarkable thing and should continue to be investigated.

Papua has been known for its natural resources since the first. In the 18th century AD, the ruler of the kingdom of Srivijaya, sending offerings to the Chinese empire. Inside there are several offerings that birds of paradise, which is believed to be the bird of paradise garden which is native of Papua. With a strong fleet Sriwijaya visiting Maluku and Papua to trade spices – spices, perfume – perfume, pearls and feathers Bird of Paradise. In the days of the Majapahit Kingdom a number of areas in Papua is included in the Majapahit empire. In the sixteenth century the North Coast to the West Bird’s Head region until Namatota (Kab.Fak-fa) South side, as well as the islands – islands into the area surrounding the Sultan of Tidore.

Papua is very rich. Copper and Gold is a natural resource that are highly abundant in Papua. Papua is famous for its gold production in the world’s biggest and various mining and natural resources that are so abundant. Papua is also touted as a small paradise that fell to earth. Papua is a biodiversity haven left on earth today. In 2006 reported a survey team consisting of American explorers, Indonesia and Australia conducted a review in some areas Foja mountains of Papua province of Indonesia. There they discover a magical place they call “the lost world”, and “Garden of Eden on earth”, with dozens of species of bird watching, butterflies, frogs and plants that have not been recorded in history. If managed properly, the Papuans could be more prosperous with the abundant natural wealth.

So a few posts about the islands in Indonesia is very rich. From this work, that Indonesia is known as a rich earth since the time of ancient civilizations. We do not know what ancient civilization actually existed in this archipelago. There may have been an ancient civilization and prosper in Indonesia unrecorded history. Brazilian scientist, Prof.. Dr.. Aryso Santos, confirmed the theory that Atlantis is the area that is now called Indonesia. Indonesia is a region which is considered as the heir of Atlantis. Plato says that Atlantis was a prosperous country that the sun bathed all the time.

Oppenheimer in the book “Eden in the East: The Drowned Continent of Southeast Asia”, asking that the Sundaland (Indonesia) is the Garden of Eden (Garden of Eden). that the Garden of Eden (Eden) was not in the Middle East, but rather in Sundaland. Indonesia is a beautiful and fertile land that lies in the path of the fire ring (pacific ring of fire), which indicated the presence of more than 500 volcanoes in Indonesia. Indonesia could be called a paradise surrounded by a ring of fire. But regardless of whether or not we all agree to say that the fact that Indonesia is a country very rich in agricultural produce, sea and culture.

Native Indonesian culture has lived thousands of years before the Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations began writing on a rock. Indonesian civilization probably does not begin with the tradition of writing, but oral tradition has been rooted in the life and soul of the ancient people of our nation.

Indonesia Natural wealthy and well cared for by our ancestors also become one of the factors that make the archipelago a source of world attention. Indonesia is a country located at the equator which has abundant natural resources in addition to its strategic location geographically. Natural resources ranging from marine resources, forests, minerals to spread from Sabang to Merauke. Many are now beginning to find new mines in Indonesia. Indonesian people will be surprised by the wealth of nature what else will emerge from within the Earth Indonesia.

The rich earth if managed properly will make all the people of Indonesia can gain tremendous wealth so that it can be a time the people of Indonesia have no need to be taxed as it is today, and all the facilities can be enjoyed for free thanks to the abundance of natural resources that are shared to the people fairly. Indonesia needs is a good ruler, a very fair and good at loving people and reject any form of public policy difficult. It is time for Indonesia to rise towards glory. If it can be done Indonesia richest country in the world.