THE INDONESIAN ISLANDS HUNTER GROUPS (IIHG) consists of DXers who are interested in making contacts with amateur radio operators in different islands of Indonesia.

Membership of IIHG is free and is open to all interested amateur radio operators and SWL worldwide. There is no special requirement.

IIHG sponsors several Island-peditions by activator, and provide some special and attractive operating awards. 

The first award is the NUSANTARA AWARD

The basic requirement is to contact at least 10 different islands in Indonesia. For detailed rules and an application form please click here. The main goal of this award is to encourage amateur radio activities from as many different islands as possible in the vast archipelago of Indonesia.

The word of “Nusantara” is old Javanese term, used to describe an archipelago stretching from Sumatra to Papua, which today is largely part of the Indonesian state. The original term is “Lamun huwus kalah Nusantara isun amukti palapa, lamun kalah ring gurun, ring Seran, Tanjung Pura, ring Haru, ring Pahang, Dompo, ring Bali, Sunda, Palembang, Tumasik, Samana isun amukti palapa”, which was is an oath pronounced by Gajah Mada, the prime minister of the Majapahit Kingdom in 1336 to unite the islands in present-day Indonesia.

Over the next several years since its inception, IIHG envisioned additional awards and have since then introduced to amateur radio worldwide creative and exciting awards such as

  • Worked All Indonesian Provinces,
  • Indonesian Alphabet,
  • PX-Indonesian,
  • Worked All Indonesian Sea,
  • Worked All Kapubaten and Kota
  • Indonesia Digital

To keep islands and wall paper chasers happy we have continued to issue more awards including a unique Indonesian YL Award in collaboration with YB6-DXC.

Stay tuned for more detail.

For membership of IIHG, please contact

Steve Busono W2FB,

Email :

IIHG main board are :

Founder & Award Manager

Steve – W2FB

Adhi – YB3MM

Logo and Award Designer

Dani – YB2TJV

Award Designer

Ary – YC3ARY

Web Administrator

Budi – YE1AR


Designer & Creator

Dony – YB4FIK

IT Support & Web Developer

Zens – YC3FPI

Designer & Creator

Syahadi – YD4RWH

Designer & Creator

Suryanto- YC2XCD